About This Site

After many of our customers repeatedly asked for a website, here it is. While it may not be as 'flashy' or have

the 'bells and whistles' as many of the other websites out there, we at Century Plumbing prefer to let our work

speak for itself. Still, the primary goal should be clear:


To present the residents of the Iowa City / Coralville and surrounding area a precise, professional presentation

of Century Plumbing and our commitment to quality work in that community.


This website is updated regularly, when time allows. We will be adding (or deleting) things as needed such as:

- Photos of our remodel projects will be added with permission of our customers

- Photos of some of the really crazy things we've seen over the years (there have been many!)

- Contact list of the professional contractors we use regularly.

- A larger list of the material / plumbing suppliers we use.

- A customer feedback page.

- More as the suggestions come in...

Thank you for using Century Plumbing. Our company grows with your satisfaction.

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